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At Heroes 1st we deliver unwavering advocacy for social and restorative justice for the military community to find clarity, resiliency, and hope. Empower the military community to access mental health counseling and effectively navigate the process to obtain benefits and other support services. Our goal is to help every member of the military community to reach their highest potential by assisting them to rediscover and engage their innate gifts, talents, and the enormous power of their self-determination.

Mental Health & Wellness Services

Services include:

  • · Mental health and wellness activities, initiatives, and restorative justice campaigns.

  • · Education and lifelong learning with our primary focus on mental health and wellness, economic development through financial literacy, and help build healthy relationships.

  • · Emotional support meetings/workshops.

  • · Peer-mentoring programs

  • · Mental health and wellness support services and programs to ensure basic needs such as food security and childcare to assist and improve well-being.

  • · Long term follow up to ensure that the conditions in their lives have improved.

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