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Semi Monthly Online Group Session for Cancer Thrivers and Their Families

This is a mental wellness support group for ALL cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers.  This group's goal is to bring a voice to a marginalized group that has been forgotten for too long.  Once a cancer patient has been given the "remission" diagnosis so many believe the battle is over.  The truth is the war rages on.  With every body ache or that feeling something just isn't right comes the voice in the back of your mind; "Is it back?" This group is designed to do what we can to silence all demons-big and small.


Nicolle M. Brown, ACSW

In August of 2017, ten days after starting the Social Work master’s program at the University of Southern California (USC), Nicolle Brown was diagnosed with stage two HERS2 positive breast cancer. Two weeks later the diagnosis was upgraded to stage four.  Her student advisor strongly recommended she delay the pursuit of the degree, but she flatly refused to heed their advice.  Nicky underwent a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and target therapy all while excelling in her studies.  Not only did she graduate on time, but with honors in May 2019.


Because of her weakened immune system, she had to leave her first job as a social worker during Covid-19.  She was able to rejoin the workforce as a clinician in June of 2022.  Shortly after delving into the work she was born to do happened again—ever cancer thriver’s worst nightmare--it had come back.  In September of 2022 a left breast mastectomy was performed removing the remaining lymph nodes under her left arm, as well.  Following twelve weekly chemotherapy treatments, she is now completing a target therapy regimen.  Her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and severe anemia have complicated her treatment, prolonging the process.


Nicolle is a bulldog for patient advocacy beginning with herself.  She is relentlessly passionate about uplifting her fellow thrivers, all while fully empathetic to the limitless challenges they face daily.  From that passion Warrior Queens and Kings was born.



  • The groups will provide education, information, and resources that deal with ALL types of cancer patients

  • A safe haven for Queens & Kings to share their experiences and feelings. Nothing is off limits, this is your space

  • Informal groups settings that will explore every possible scenario experienced in this battle and beyond.

  • Some of the groups will be led by professionals that have experience working with those in the journey.

  • Sessions will be held 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:00 pm EST/Noon PST via Zoom

  • All sessions are confidential whatever happens in the group stays in group.

  • Members of your support system are invited to attend.  There will be specific sessions designed to to focus on their challenges.

  • There is never a cost to participants for group sessions.

  • Individual counseling sessions are available. (Fee may apply)


  1. Introduction and open discussion about each person’s journey.

  2. Physical vs Mental Health journey

  3. Learning to be your own strongest advocate

  4. Mandatory Self Care-Learn to have fun!

  5. Get up, dress up and show up-Learning to not look like what you’re going through.

  6. Putting one foot in front of the other—even on the bad days

  7. Know your resources

  8. Tap into your support group (Learning to lean while learning to understand their journey)

  9. Western vs Eastern medicine (THC & Stem Cell benefits)

  10. Life after treatment

The above topics are what we have planned.  However, the discussion will go where it goes.  This is your group and we want this to be a participant led conversation.

Join our Sessions
Every 1st & 3rd Sunday
3:00pm ET/2:00pm CT/1:00pm MT/Noon PT


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