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Look What YOU Did!!!!

Project: Adopt-A-Vet was a 100% Success!

Your selflessness brought so much joy to so many! The Veterans welcomed Heroes 1st warmly on December 21st for a delicious luncheon provided by Kitchen Gourmet. We spent time sharing a little about ourselves and learning about them. The Veterans Home at Plaza Ortiz is a beautiful new facility that provides transitional housing, counseling and ancillary services. Heroes 1st looks forward to partnering with Plaza Ortiz again in the very near future..

Each bag included: a $25 Target Gift Card, $25 Restaurant Gift Card, a toiletry bag filled with Bath & Body Works Shower Gel & Lotion, Face Cream, Deodorant and a Loofah, a throw blanket, a Paparazzi Bracelet, 4 pairs of socks, scarf/gloves/ski cap set. and a Heroes 1st T-Shirt..

Our team met on Sunday, December 18 to assemble the bags and were just overwhelmed with gratitude at what you'd donated. We quickly realized that everything on our wish list had been fulfilled.

Many Veterans shared that if it had not been for Heroes 1st (aka YOU) they would not have received anything at all for Christmas. Many hugged me and others grasped my hands tightly in gratitude.

On behalf of the entire Heroes 1st team...we THANK YOU! (two of our team were unable to be in attendance)

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