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It's going to be a BUSY WEEKEND at Heroes 1st

We've had such great success with our EIR Program classes and our third one is scheduled for May 6 at 9"30am-11:30am & 12:30pm -2:30pm. The topic this week is Understanding Money Matters presented by Katanja Neal. We're so excited to hear the pearls of wisdom she will drop!


Our newest program is a mental wellness support group for ALL cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers. This group's goal is to bring a voice to a marginalized group that has been forgotten for too long. Once a cancer patient has been given the "remission" diagnosis so many believe the battle is over. The truth is the war rages on. With every body ache or that feeling something just isn't right comes the voice in the back of your mind; "Is it back?" This group is designed to do what we can to silence all demons-big and small.

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