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Logan Baughman, III, MSW

Logan Baughman III, MSW, is a veteran of the United States Army, he is a graduate of the prestigious University of Southern California (USC) Master’s in Social Work Program; which focused on Adult Mental Health and Wellness, with a sub-concentration on Military Families.  He joins Heroes 1st with several years of service as an Educator, Community Mental Health Advocate, Mentor, and AOD Counselor.


As the Director of Benefit Services, Logan utilizes his education and life experiences to help dismantle the stigma of mental illness in Communities of Color by encouraging positive life choices that promote mental health and wellness.  His primary focus is working with veterans to assure they are receiving all the benefits to which they are entitled.  As a MBRS RISE Scholar and Summa Cum Laude undergrad majoring in Psychology, Mr. Baughman is one of the leaders of our mental health team.    


Logan works with the distinguished Men of The Covenant to effect positive change in Communities of Color and strongly believes “Character is best expressed in our choice to act from the better part of ourselves.”  He’s an enthusiastic degreed scholar of Africana Studies and enjoys nothing more than a thought-provoking debate.

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